Ian Daines began his training as a bowl turner in 1981.  He is one of the few remaining underhand wood-turners left today.  Ian turns bowls from both locally harvested and exotic woods.  The process of turning a bowl can take from one to several years, since the wood needs to be given a chance to dry periodically throughout the turning process.  Once a bowl is turned, Ian creates a unique finish to enhance the natural patina of the wood.  Whether strictly for decorative purposes, or also functional as a salad bowl, each of Ian’s bowls is a unique work of art.
Each of Ian's unique, hand-crafted wooden bowls comes with a certificate of authenticity, indicating the species of wood and the date completed, including a brief history, branded crest, and Ian's signature

Ian harvesting wood
Wooden Bowls Spalted Maple Rough Edge Bowl
Giant Bowl Wooden Bowls

Ian Daines
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