Wine Servers:
Historically, an interest in wines led to the creation of a variety of service and storage accessories.  A wine server showed the bottle to advantage.  
Reproduced from an eighteenth century original, Ian's  handsome wine servers are cut from select Muskoka trees and finished to enhance the grain of the wood.  A Wine Server makes an excellent hostess gift, either on its own or with a flavorful vintage in its cradle.

Wine Caddy

Wooden eggs:

Loathe to waste any material in our 'green' culture, Ian found an interesting use for small, leftover pieces of exotic woods - he forms them into blocks of multiple species and then spins them into 'eggs'.  He then applies his signature finish.  They are available on their own, or in a rustic metal display stand.

Wooden Eggs


Ian creates necklaces from wooden beads, and bangles from solid wood.  He gives them a similar shading and finishing treatment to his other wood products.  Although more expensive, the gold inlay (seen in the one bracelet in the photo) adds an additional element of sophistication and elegance to each article.

Wooden Jewelry

Other works of Art:

Ian is constantly finding inspiration in the natural world around us.  After pruning some apple trees on his property back to revitalize the trees and encourage new growth, he created his 'Crabby Apples' - a unique addition to the garden.

Crabby Apples

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